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Mehmet Taşanyürek

Mehmet Taşanyürek has been producing graphic illustrations and fashion designs professionally since 1980’s.His works are published in various magazines, newspapers and TV programs in Turkey and abroad. He produces car and boat designs, car anatomic designs, ornaments and fashion illustration paintings for custom order. Taşanyürek uses his own application methods in combining airbrush, watercolours, acrylic, puasch, different inks and root die to prepare his drawings. His special interests are powerful, famous, historical and classic racing cars, their polytechnical drawings, new car and boat designs and fashion collections. Taşanyürek born in 1960, completed study of Art & Design in Istittuto Europe Di Design, did fashion illustration works at A. Lopez’s workshop, received tuition from Lorenzo Banffi and B. Belli on anatomic design and worked for numerous companies as design director in some of them in Turkey and abroad competitive advantage.